Ethically Sourced

Big chocolate companies want a standardized flavor whereas I want to highlight the TRUE flavor of the chocolate. That is why Small batch chocolate depends on great ingredients.
My primary supplier is an importer of cacao beans from around the world. His name is Gino and he has a baby boy the same age as my son. We have the same values when it comes to sourcing cacao beans.

Sourcing Standards
Gino is contributing to prosperous farming communities by opening up the market to quality driven farm groups. Gino is able to work DIRECTLY with the farmers to bring their products to market. In doing so, he is able to provide me with full transparency in the supply chain. The farm groups follow the best environmental and social practices and are always seeking to innovate and redefine those principles.

Gino visits each farm at least once a year and stays in touch frequently. Gino ONLY works with farms that pay a fair wage and follow good labor practices treating workers with dignity and respect.

When produced properly and ethically, chocolate isn't cheap. The price I pay for beans is directly correlated with the living wage that Gino's farms can afford when Gino pays above the fair trade price.
If you have questions about my sources or what they are paid compared to the International Cocoa Organization commodity price, please feel free to contact me.