Bean To Bar

Turns out big chocolate has been lying to you. For years they have been burning the natural chocolate flavors away, filling it with vanilla, and passing it off to you as "chocolate". The moment you taste the natural red berry flavor of a chocolate made from Madagascar cocoa beans, a whole new world opens up. Every bean from every country has a different flavor. From cashew and cherry to molasses and fig; every bean to bar chocolate is a unique experience and I am excited to share that with you. Click below to learn how I make chocolate from bean to bar!


What's Slave Free Chocolate

70% of chocolate is made with cacao beans from Ghana where an estimated 2.8 million children work in harsh conditions and for no pay. This image is a child showing the tool he used in the plantations before he escaped. So now that you know the problem, what chocolate is safe to eat without feeling guilty? Chocolate Thunder! Click below to learn more about how I ensure farmers are paid a fair wage and keep slave labor out of my source farms.