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Dak Lak, Vietnam - 70% Dark Chocolate - Limited Batch

Dak Lak, Vietnam - 70% Dark Chocolate - Limited Batch

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This chocolate is made from Trinitario beans from the central highlands of Vietnam. Dak Lak Province is northeast of Dak Nong, one of our signature origins. The fermentary works with family-owned cocoa farms to bring their cacao to market while paying BEYOND FAIR TRADE prices. The central fermentary supports these farmers to help them bring out the highest quality flavors from their harvest. The cacao is fermented in wooden boxes and dried on raised nets before being shipped across the world to me where I start my process with roasting.
Elevation: 500-1500 meters

You may taste: Cherry, Molasses, Cocoa

Small batch chocolate is best enjoyed at room temperature so the chocolate can quickly melt and coat your taste buds.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Vegan Sugar

Net Weight: 2.11 oz (60g)

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